hou ying

Hou Ying was born in Jilin City in china.She is a famous Chinese—American dancer and choreographer , founder and Artistic director of Hou ying Dance Theater.  She took her work Spirit of Night to the Russian International Dance Competition in 1996,and won the Gold prize of Creation .In 2001, she was awarded the Asian Cultural Council Scholarship to research and create in New York. In 2002, she joined the New York Shen Wei Dance Arts, and danced at the stage of USA Lincoln center for 4 years..In 2008 She returned to china with Shen Wei to create "the picture" (in eight minutes) ,which is one of the opening ceremony show in the Olympic Games in Beijing . In 2009, she shifted her focus of work to Beijing ,and renamed the “Vision of Dance Theatre ”to "Hou Ying Dance Theater", and served as the art director.

As a dancer and choreographer, Hou Ying is a distinguished modern dancer with a global reputation .Her dance focus on exploring the inner heart, soul and spirit to body language. The “Beijing News” ciritic said that she is “the Kafka of dance”.

Hou Ying Biography

Hou Ying gratuatedfrom the JiLin University of Arts in 1990. After then she joined in the Beijing Dance Acadamyto systematic study of the Eastern limb art, Chinese dance, folk dance, and Western classical ballet, from 1992 to 1993.

She joined the Guangdong Experimental Modern Dance Company in 1995 and became the first generation of dancers and choreographers of modern dance troupe after it established in China. In the same year her work "Jin Shan" won the second prize in young group performance.

She took her work "Spirit of Night" to the Russian International Dance Competition in 1996, and won the Gold prize of Creation .The "Spirit of Night" also won the the “Five One Project” Excellence Award awarded by Guangdong Province government at the same year.

In 1998, she choreographed "Kiss" for the Guang Dong Ballet Dance Company which won the second place at the International Ballet Competition in Vienna.

In 2000,the work "Mi" was performed in Guangzhou Huang Huagang theatre and won The gold medal of director in The third Guang Dong Ling Nan Dance Competition.

In 2001, she was awarded the Asian Cultural Council Scholarship to research and create in New York. 

In 2002, she joined the New York Shen Wei Dance Arts, and danced at the stage of USA Lincoln center for 4 years.

In 2004, she has been featured three times in "The New York Times".

From 2002 to 2008, as a principal dancer and occasional rehearsal director in Shen Wei Dance Arts, she played the key roles in some of Shen Wei’s most notable works such as "Folding" (2000), "Rite of Spring" (2003), "Connect Transfer" (2004), "Map" (2005), and "Second Visit to the Empress" (2007). Charles Reinhart, Shen Wei’s close cooperator, said that Hou Ying was the soul of the Shen Wei Dance Arts.

In 2006, Hou Ying founded the Horizon Dancer Theater in New York . 

In 2008, she returned to China with Shen Wei to create "The Picture" (in eight minutes), which is one of the opening ceremony show in the Olympic Games in Beijing. 

In 2010, she was invited to lecture in the International Dance Association of New York and Hong Kong arts festival. Hou’s piece "On the Way" took a Creation Award in the fourth session of Beijing International Ballet Competition.

Since 2011, she organized the American Dance Festival-HeNan, China, and served as the art director.

In 2013, the work "Infinite" world premiered at Beijing ONE International Performance Festival. The work "Remove" world premiered at the 24th Almada Festival of Portugal in the August. And then in the December, the company was invited by Round Table dance Festival in Taiwan.

In February 2014, she participated in the seminar of "the Modern Dance in China" in New York .

In July 2014, Hou’s work "Tu Tu" premiered at St Petersburg International Dance festival "Open Look ". Subsequently, the company was invited to performance "Tu Tu" in Pushkin Theater by China's ministry of culture for participating in the sino-russian cultural festival. Russia's vice President of cultural exchanges with foreign countries Otan Asylkozhaev praised the "Tu Tu" as that "it is so clean, pure in the dance art and can be said to get thefirst-class level in western dance".

In recent years, Hou Ying brings her dance skills to many universities or colleges’ dance department by dance class . She has been invited as guest artist to American Dance Festival (ADF), the New York University (NYU), University of Michigan, University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), the Art Institute of California (Cal Arts), USA California Pomona college, Taiwan Taipei National University of the Arts, Taiwan National University of the Arts and Beijing Dance Academy, and so on. "Hou's motion system" continue to receive the young generation of dancers approval, and obtained the widespread praise.This is Hou Ying’s important contribution to the contemporary dance .



侯莹,舞蹈家,旅美先锋编舞家,侯莹舞蹈剧场创办人及艺术总监。1996年,凭借《夜叉》在国际舞坛崭露头角;2001年,获得亚洲文化基金支持赴美留学;2002年加入纽约沈伟舞蹈团(Shen Wei Dance Arts),并成为该舞团的灵魂人物,后期担任舞团排练总监,她曾三度登上《纽约时报》,并被誉为2004年年度最卓越舞者;2008年,侯莹回国参与奥运会开幕式“画卷”舞蹈编创;2009年,侯莹将舞蹈创作重心移至北京;2011年,在北京成立侯莹舞蹈剧场,大力推动现代舞的即兴创作及教育。




  • 1990年,毕业于吉林省艺术学院中国舞系。
  • 1992-1993年,进修于北京舞蹈学院。
  • 1995年初,加入广东实验现代舞团;同年,作品《金扇》荣获青年组表演二等奖。
  • 1996年11月,参加第七届白俄罗斯国际现代舞比赛,自创作品《夜叉》荣获创作金奖,荣获广东省颁发的“五一工程”精品奖。
  • 2001年,获得亚洲文化基金赴美留学。 
  • 2002-2008年,加入纽约沈伟舞蹈团(Shen Wei Dance Arts),期间担任排练总监。 
  • 2006年, 于纽约成立视野舞蹈剧场(Horizon Dance Theater)。 
  • 2007年,以唯一的舞蹈编导身份参加纽约亚洲艺术节,演出作品《地平线》。 
  • 2008年,赴京参与指导奥运会开幕式。 
  • 2010年,同时受邀于纽约国际舞蹈联盟和香港舞蹈联盟艺术节作讲座;新创作品《走过》荣获第三届北京国际芭蕾舞比赛现代舞创作奖。 
  • 2011年,策划中国河南-美国国际舞蹈节。
  • 2013年,在北京ONE国际表演艺术节发布独舞作品《冉》;同年10月作品《迁移》参加葡萄牙阿尔马达艺术节(世界首演);12月作品《冉》在台湾演出。
  • 2014年2月,受邀参加纽约“当代舞蹈在中国”研讨会;
  • 2014年7月,侯莹舞蹈剧场参加圣彼得堡 Open Look艺术节并首演了《涂图》;
  • 随后,受中国文化部邀请参加中俄文化节,在莫斯科普希金大剧院演出《涂图》。
  • 近十年中, 侯莹以客席艺术家身份先后受邀于美国舞蹈节(ADF)、美国纽约大学(NYU)、美国加州Pomona学院、加州大学河滨分校(UCR)、加州大学洛杉矶分校(UCLA)、加州州立大学长堤分校(Cal State Long Beach)、加州艺术学院(Cal Arts)及国内各大高校进行授课和讲座。