How long can Hou Ying stick to be a maverick? /          侯莹还能特立独行多久?

Choreographer discovers the color in human movement / 激活舞者身体的色彩

Hou Ying & Qiu Zhijie: It’s tough for the contemporary artists to live, so they should help each other. / 侯莹&邱志杰 搞前卫艺术挺难,就应相互帮助

Is Tu Tu just a kind of fleeting  communication /          侯莹舞蹈剧场<涂图>:只是稍纵即逝的交流?

Hou Ying: Learn to relax / 侯莹:学会放松

Hou Ying, the dancing Kafka / 舞蹈的侯莹,身体的卡夫卡

Tu Tu, The hidden poetic / 侯莹之<涂图>:隐没的诗意

Will it be easier to dance with chairs than with human? / 和椅子一起跳舞,会不会比和人跳简单一点?

Hou Ying: Please don't say you don't understand dance / 侯莹:请大家不要说不懂舞蹈